Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Conversation In English

Basic Conversation: Formal Greetings, Formal Introductions, Informal Introductions, What Time Is It?, A Telephone Call, Can You Say That Again?, Coincidences, Weather Report, Ordering a Meal, At the Doctor’s Office, Asking Directions, Calling for Help, At the Supermarket, Running Errands, At the Post Office, Catching Up After Class, Shopping, Transportation, How Old Are You?, At the Movies, What Are You Good At?, What’s Your Favorite Sport?, A Night at the Theater, Taking a Vacation, At the Pet Store, Giving Your Opinion, Hobbies, Weddings, Giving Advice, Weekend break travel planning, Hotel in Paris.

Intermediate Conversation: Talking About The Weather, An Afternoon In The Kitchen, Telephone Conversation, An Afternoon At The Park, Weekend Plans, Winter Break Plans, A Visit To The Doctor’s Office, Going To The Market, I Need Help, Looking For An Apartment,Formal Conversation, Looking For A Job, Job Interview, First Day At Work, On The Production Floor, Changing A Customer’s Order, Promotion, Meeting People, Applying To College, Giving A Speech, Studying For A Test, Book./ Conversation, Graduation, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve.

Advanced Conversation: Job Interview, The structure of Biopaints International, Managing people, Stress, Money management, Trade, Marketing, Presentation, Meetings, Negotiation, Dealing with problems, Going on a business trip, Vote in an Election, Politics in America.

Asking and Answering Questions: Personal Information questions, Introducing Yourself and Saying Hello, Shopping questions, Asking Something Specific questions, Asking for an Opinion, Suggestions, Politics & Government Questions