Awakening into Buddhahood in Chinese-Simplified  

觉醒成佛是各行各业宝贵的电子书。 它告诉我们每个人都有内在的佛的智慧,意识,美德,善良,同情,爱,力量,并且会帮助我们引导我们真正的自我,不断指引我们回到我们的身上, 我们可能会意识到,我们所寻找的东西永远不会离开我们。 我们可能会发现的是,我们一直都是我们正在寻求的。 Awakening into Buddhahood is an invaluable eBook for all walks of life. It tells us that each of us has the wisdom, awareness, virtue, kindness, compassion, love, power of the Buddha within and will help guide us to our True Self, ceaselessly pointing us back to what we are, and what we have always been, and we may realize that what we were looking for never left us. What we may discover is that all along we were the one we were seeking. 283 pages