Advanced English Grammar and Composition

LESSON 88. PEECH IN THE SENTENCE Summary. The Sentence: Subject and Predicate; Kinds of Sentences.–Use of words in the Sentence: the Eight Parts of Speech; Infinitives and Participles.–Comparative Importance of the Parts of Speech in the Sentence: the Subject Noun (or Simple Subject); the Predicate Verb (or Simple Predicate); Compound Subject and Predicate.–Substitutes for the … Read moreAdvanced English Grammar and Composition

Intermediate English Grammar and Composition

LESSON  76. SENTENCES.—PARTS OF SPEECH.—ELEMENTS OF THE SENTENCE.—PHRASES AND CLAUSES 1. In thinking we arrange and associate ideas and objects together. Words are the symbols of ideas or objects. A Sentence is a group of words that expresses a single complete thought. 2. Sentences are of four kinds: 1. Declarative; a sentence that tells or … Read moreIntermediate English Grammar and Composition

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