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Disney World's secret to magic-making

Walt Disney World recently showed the Associated Press what it takes to put their shows together. It’s a shift for a resort that hasn’t allowed many peeks behind the curtains of the fantasy it creates. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 2:41 pm

Divers in Hawaii may have been swimming with biggest great white shark on record

Divers in Hawaii spotted several giant great white sharks off the coast of Oahu, including possibly one of the largest on record named Deep Blue.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 2:41 pm

Newborn found dead in Phoenix Amazon facility

Phoenix police say a newborn baby girl was found dead in a women's restroom inside an Amazon distribution center. Investigators have located and spoken with the mother. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 2:16 pm

Launching new missile strategy, Trump pushes wall

President Donald Trump Thursday rolled out a new strategy for an aggressive space-based missile defense system. In remarks at the Pentagon, he also slammed Democrats over the government shutdown and continued his push for a southern border wall. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 2:11 pm

Donald Trump calls for expanded missile defense program

During an appearance at the Pentagon, President Donald Trump said "our goal is simple: that we can detect and destroy" any incoming missile. Part of the new strategy is to create a level of sensors in space. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 2:11 pm

Thousands of IRS workers called back without pay

The partial government shutdown that began Dec. 22 caused roughly 420,000 federal employees to work without pay. This week, the IRS said it will recall thousands of workers to handle tax returns. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 2:10 pm

Nancy Pelosi defends move to postpone SOTU address

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi defended her suggestion to postpone the president's State of the Union address as long as the partial government shutdown continues. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 2:09 pm

Blue Monday: Is January 21 the most depressing day of the year?

Blue Monday is Jan. 21. Here's what you should know about the day that supposedly brings gloom and doom.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 2:06 pm

Here's your guide to the 'super blood wolf moon eclipse' that's coming this weekend

Sure, you may know the 'super blood wolf moon eclipse' is coming to a sky near you this weekend. But what does it mean?


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 1:27 pm

Michigan State names new interim president

Michigan State University’s board says interim president John Engler’s resignation is effective immediately. The board acted a day after Engler announced his resignation amid fallout from the case of convicted sexual abuser Larry Nassar (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 1:26 pm

Jury awards hotel dishwasher $21M for being forced to work on Sundays

A former hotel dishwasher in miami Florida was recently awarded $21 million after she was forced to work on Sundays which went against her religious beliefs....ultimately she was fired. Susana Victoria Perez has more.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 1:15 pm

'Blockbuster' storm heads east, could drop 40 inches of snow. Then an Arctic blast will freeze 200 million

Mudslides and flooding closed roads in California as heavy rains and snow were forecast.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 1:08 pm

Newborn baby found dead at distribution center in Arizona: Police

A shocking discovery at an Amazon distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona…Veuer's Nick Cardona has that story.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 12:44 pm

9/11 survivor killed in Kenya terrorist attack

American CEO and 9/11 survivor Jason Spindler was killed in a Nairobi terrorist attack in Kenya.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 12:23 pm

Sea lion at Utah zoo ok after throwing up child's sock

Workers at a zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah were certainly concerned when one of their male sea lions seemed to not be feeling well. Veuer's Mercer Morrison has the story.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 12:13 pm

ICE tried to deport a U.S.-born Marine, and his mom wants to know why

The ACLU says a decorated former Marine and U.S. citizen born in Michigan, Jilmar Ramos-Gomez, was mistakenly detained by ICE for deportation.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 11:14 am

Sen. Scott: Pelosi not negotiating in good faith

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott is defending President Donald Trump's decision to reject a short-term fix to the partial government shutdown, indicating that he thinks Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is not acting in good faith. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 11:13 am

A woman had a stroke next to one of Wisconsin's best hospitals. But her ambulance was turned away - and she died

Tiffany Tate collapsed next to a hospital closed to ambulances. This little-known "ambulance diversion" policy has been shown to endanger patients.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 10:58 am

What to eat to save the planet: Report urges 'radical changes' to world's diet -- less meat, more veggies

Around the world, humans eat far too much red meat and sugar, and nowhere near enough nuts, fruits and vegetables, according to a report.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 10:56 am

Man arrested after allegedly trapping a child in a clothes dryer

A man has been arrested in Alabama after allegedly putting a child in a clothes dryer and turning the machine on. Veuer's Nick Cardona has that story.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 10:47 am

My First Award: Sir David Adjaye

British architect Sir David Adjaye splashed out on an expensive suit when picking up his first-ever award. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 10:24 am

My First Award: Daniel Sloss

Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss' first award was for his amazing personality. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 10:23 am

My First Award: Nico Santos

"Superstore" actor Nico Santos smiles when thinking back to his first-ever award, won back home in the Philippines. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 10:22 am

Not vaccinating now considered 'global health threat', WHO reports

The World Health Organization says people who choose not to vaccinate has emerged as a global health threat for 2019.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 10:08 am

This is the safest way to walk on ice and snow

USA TODAY's Carly Mallenbaum and Jeff Dionise show you how to avoid slipping on ice, if you need to leave the house.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 9:55 am

Chuck Schumer 'very disappointed' in AG nominee William Barr

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says attorney general nominee William Barr could not assure him that he would allow special counsel Robert Mueller's report to be fully released, other than redactions.


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 9:42 am

Nicole Kidman talks about her transformation in thriller 'Destroyer'

Nicole Kidman hopes audiences won't be too distracted by her look in new dark thriller "Destroyer," where she plays a weathered, violent cop. (Jan. 17)


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 9:41 am

The day in pictures


Posted on 17 January 2019 | 8:16 am

December political cartoons from the USA TODAY Network

Gannett's cartoonists from across the country draw their takes on news and politics.


Posted on 31 December 2018 | 8:16 am

2018 year in review: 50 stories from 50 states that moved us

USA TODAY revisits one story from each state that moved us – the big news, the best investigations and the moments we can't stop talking about.


Posted on 21 December 2018 | 2:07 pm

Trump's controversial trip to Europe: World leaders and protests


Posted on 13 July 2018 | 10:40 am

What are the richest countries in the world?


Posted on 21 June 2018 | 8:00 am

US skyscrapers: Tallest building in every state


Posted on 6 March 2018 | 9:21 am