There is a simple ways to Guard your Home internet

• Make sure you have control over your modem and wifi. Restarting it and adding a new password once in awhile won’t hurt.
• Have 2 different sign ins on your modem or wifi. One for parents and a second for kids and guests. You then can change the wifi password at your pleasure.
• Become an administrator over all computers and allow kids to become guests or special sign ins.
• Use an Ad Blocker i.e. Ad Block Plus. Plus, it is free.
• Run your updates for the latest security upgrades.
• Be open about having an open web meaning all history will be reviewed from time to time.
• Let kids feel safe to be able to come to you if they see something questionable.
• Use a modem like Gryphon for online safety.
• IF you are a victim of cyber crime or need to report a crime – contact the IC3 a division of the FBI.
• Use an anti-virus program. Keep it updated.

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