Most of Websites that make the internet safer for kids

• View Pure
An alternative to YouTube but still able to view most YouTube videos. We use YouTube a lot more than we should for education, pleasure and even how to do the simplest things i.e. how to fish or Christian Music Videos. It is not a perfect app or website but still safer than the regular YouTube with questionable ads and other videos that are just scary for little eyes.
• Safe Search for Kids – A filtered Search by Google for kids.
• Email for Kids – Zoobuh!
• Making a Family Account with Yahoo. Some restrictions will be used for kids under 17 years old.

Commandments for Kids for the Internet
• Apps that stop texting and driving
• FBI’s – SOS, Safe Online Surfing Website
• Use an AntiVirus program.
• Learn about your Firewalls.
• BrainPop is still one of my favorite learning websites.

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