A few things to know about Facebook

• Facebook has a age limit, 13 years of age.
• Not everything on Facebook is true including trendy news. Just because you read someone has “died” does not mean it has been verified.
• Pay close attention to ALL the mailboxes. There is a mailbox or messaging area that “strangers” will sometimes use to contact the user.
• Users sometimes have the same names. Make sure you are friending a true friend before accepting or sending a friend request.
• Anything posted is up to be public even if it says it is private now. Be aware Facebook servers can be hacked at anytime.
• NEVER post anything you wouldn’t want everyone to see.
• Be careful what you write! Colleges and future employers will use what you say as a means to “measure” how you will act as an employee or student.
• You can turn off photo tagging and is suggested if you don’t want to be photos on Facebook.
• Facebook can be put on private and is suggested while learning to use social media. If it is off private, ANYONE can see your business.
• Facebook is a HUGE highway not a country road – it requires high levels of maturity or it could have huge consequences.

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