English Medical Dictionary starting from page 1492 to 1494

valvulotomy /v  lvjυ lɒtəmi/nounsame as


vancomycin /v ŋkəυ ma s n/nounan an-tibiotic which is effective against some bacte-ria which are resistant to other antibiotics. Strains of bacteria resistant to vancomycin have now developed.

van den Bergh test /v  n den b! & test/

noun a test of blood serum to see if a case of jaundice is caused by an obstruction in the liv-er or by haemolysis of red blood cells [After

  • Hijmans van den Bergh (1869–1943), Dutch physician]

vaporise /ve pəra z/, vaporize verbto turn a liquid into a vapour

vaporiser /ve pəra zə/, vaporizer nouna device which warms a liquid to which medici-nal oil has been added, so that it provides a va-pour which someone can inhale

vapour /ve pə/noun 1. a substance in the form of a gas 2. steam from a mixture of a liq-uid and a medicinal oil (NOTE: The US spelling

is vapor.)

Vaquez-Osler disease /v ke z ɒslə d

zi z/ noun same as polycythaemia vera [After Henri Vaquez (1860–1936), French physician, Sir William Osler (1849–1919), Professor of Medicine in Montreal, Philadelphia, Baltimore and then Oxford]

vara /veərə/adjectivesame as varus variant CJD /veəriənt si d e di/nouna form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease which was observed first in the 1980s, especially affect-ing younger people. Abbr vCJD

variation /veəri e ʃ(ə)n/nouna change from one level to another There is a notice-able variation in his pulse rate. The chart shows the variations in the patient’s tempera-ture over a twenty-four hour period. varicectomy /v ri sektəmi/nouna surgi-cal operation to remove a vein or part of a vein

varicella /v  ri selə/nounsame as chicken-


varicella-zoster  virus /v  riselə         zɒstə

va rəs/ noun a herpes virus that causes chick-enpox and shingles

varices /v r si z/plural of varix varicocele /v r kəυsi l/nounswelling of a vein in the spermatic cord which can be cor-rected by surgery

varicose /v r kəυs/adjective 1. affected with or having varicose veins 2. designed for

the treatment of varicose veins 3. relating to or producing swelling

varicose                          eczema  /v  r kəυs  eks mə/

noun eczema which develops on the legs, caused by bad circulation. Also called hypo-

static eczema

varicose ulcer /v r kəυs “lsə/nounan ulcer in the leg as a result of bad circulation and varicose veins

varicose vein /v r kəυs ve n/nouna vein, usually in the legs, which becomes twist-ed and swollen

varicosity /v r kɒs ti/noun(of veins)the condition of being swollen and twisted varicotomy /v r kɒtəmi/nouna surgical operation to make a cut into a varicose vein varifocals /veəri fəυk(ə)lz/plural nounspectacles with lenses which have varying fo-cal lengths from top to bottom, for looking at things at different distances from the wearer

variola /və ra ələ/nounsame as smallpox varioloid /veəriəlɔ d/nouna type of mild smallpox which affects people who have al-ready had smallpox or have been vaccinated against it

varix /veər ks/nouna swollen blood vessel, especially a swollen vein in the leg (NOTE: The

plural is varices.)

Varolii /və rəυli/        pons Varolii

varus /veərəs/, varum /veərəm/, vara /veərə/ adjective turning inwards. coxa vara.

Compare valgus

vary /veəri/verb 1. to change The dosage varies according to the age of the patient. 2. totry different actions The patient was recom-mended to vary her diet.

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