English Medical Dictionary starting from page 1489 to 1491

vaginal /və d a n(ə)l/adjectivereferring to the vagina

vaginal bleeding /və d a n(ə)l bli d ŋ/noun bleeding from the vagina

vaginal delivery /və d a n(ə)l d l v(ə)ri/noun the birth of a baby through the mother’s vagina, without surgical intervention

vaginal   diaphragm /və d a n(ə)l

da əfr m/ noun a circular contraceptive de-vice for women, which is inserted into the va-gina and placed over the neck of the uterus be-fore sexual intercourse

vaginal discharge /və d a n(ə)l d stʃɑ d/noun the flow of liquid from the vagina

vaginal douche /və d a n(ə)l  du ʃ/noun

  • 2. a device or liquid for washing out the vagina vaginal examination /və d a n(ə)l &z m ne ʃ(ə)n/ noun the act of checking the vagina for signs of disease or growth vaginalis /v d ne l s/noun 1. same as Tri-chomonas vaginalis 2. same as tunica vagina-lis

vaginal orifice /və d a n(ə)l ɒr f s/nounan opening leading from the vulva to the uterus

vaginal   proctocele /və d a n(ə)l

prɒktəsi l/ noun a condition associated with prolapse of the uterus, where the rectum pro-trudes into the vagina

vaginal suppository noun same as pessary


vaginectomy /v d nektəmi/nouna sur-gical operation to remove the vagina or part of it

vaginismus /v d n zməs/nouna painful contraction of the vagina which prevents sexu-al intercourse

vaginitis /v d na t s/nouninflammation of the vagina which is mainly caused by the bacterium Trichomonas vaginalis or by a fun-gus Candida albicans

vaginography /v  d    nɒ&rəfi/ noun an X-

ray examination of the vagina vaginoplasty /və d a nəpl sti/nouna sur-gical operation to graft tissue on to the vagina

vaginoscope /v d nəυskəυp/nounsame as colposcope

vago- /ve &ɒ/prefixreferring to the vagus nerve

vagotomy /ve &ɒtəmi/nouna surgical op-eration to cut through the vagus nerve which controls the nerves in the stomach, as a treat-ment for peptic ulcers

vagus /ve &əs/, vagus nerve /ve &əs n! v/

noun either of the tenth pair of cranial nerves which carry sensory and motor neurons serv-ing the heart, lungs, stomach, and various oth-er organs and control swallowing. Also called

pneumogastric nerve

valgus /v l&əs/, valgum /v l&əm/, valga /v l&ə/ adjective turning outwards. hallux valgus. Compare varus

validity /və l d ti/noun(of a study)the fact of being based on sound research and methods which exclude alternative explanations of a re-sult

valine /ve li n/nounan essential amino acid

Valium /v liəm/a trade name for diazepam vallate papillae /v le t pə pili/pluralnoun large papillae which form a line towards the back of the tongue and contain taste buds vallecula /və lekjυlə/nouna natural depres-sion or fissure in an organ as between the hem-ispheres of the brain (NOTE: The plural is val-


Valsalva’s  manoeuvre /v  l s  lvəz  mə

nu və/ noun the process of breathing out while holding the nostrils closed and keeping the mouth shut, used in order to test the func-tioning of the Eustachian tubes or to adjust the pressure in the middle ear

value /v lju/noun 1. the degree to which something is useful or necessary food with low nutritional value 2. a number or amountthat is unknown and is shown as a symbol plural noun values the views someone has about the appropriate way to behave respect for different cultural values

valve /v lv/nouna flap which opens and closes to allow liquid to pass in one direction only, e.g. in the heart, blood vessels or lym-phatic vessels

valvotomy /v l vɒtəmi/nouna surgical op-eration to cut into a valve to make it open wid-er

valvula /v  lvjυlə/nouna small valve (NOTE:

The plural is valvulae.)

valvular /v lvjυlə/adjectivereferring to a valve

valvular disease of the heart /v  lvjυlə

d zi z əv ði hɑ t/ noun an inflammation of the membrane which lines the valves of the heart. Abbr VDH

valvulitis /v lvjυ la t s/nouninflamma-tion of a valve in the heart

valvuloplasty /v lvjυləυpl sti/nounsur-gery to repair valves in the heart without open-ing the heart

‘…in percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty a catheter introduced through the femoral vein is placed across the aortic valve and into the left ventricle; the cathe-ter is removed and a valve-dilating catheter bearing a 15mm balloon is placed across the valve’ [Journal of the American Medical Association]

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