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Pronunciation Guide

The following symbols have been used to show the pronunciation of the main words in the dictionary.

Stress is indicated by a main stress mark ( ) and a secondary stress mark ( ) . Note that these are only guides, as the stress of the word changes according to its position in the sentence.

Vowels   Consonants  
  back b buck
ɑ harm d dead
ɒ stop ð other
a type d jump
how f fare
a ə hire   gold
aυə hour h head
ɔ course j yellow
ɔ annoy k cab
e head l leave
fair m mix
e make n nil
go ŋ sing
  word p print
i keep r rest
i happy s save
ə about ʃ shop
  fit t take
ə near change
u annual θ theft
u pool v value
υ book w work
υə tour x loch
shut   measure
    z zone

/e/nouna human blood type of the ABO system, containing the A antigen (NOTE: Some-one with type A can donate to people of the same group or of the AB group, and can receive blood from people with type A or type O.)

  1. abbr Alcoholics Anonymous
  • & E /e ənd i/, A & E department /e əndi d pɑ tmənt/ noun same as accident and

emergency department

  • /e ənd i med(ə)s n/noun the medical procedures used in A & E de-partments

AB /e bi/nouna human blood type of the ABO system, containing the A and B antigens

(NOTE: Someone with type AB can donate to people of the same group and receive blood from people with type O, A, AB or B.)

ab- /  b/prefixaway from

ABC /e bi si/nounthe basic initial checks of a casualty’s condition. Full form airway,

breathing and circulation

abdomen /bdəmən/nouna space inside the body below the diaphragm, above the pel-vis and in front of the spine, containing the stomach, intestines, liver and other vital or-gans pain in the abdomen (NOTE: For other terms referring to the abdomen, see words be-ginning with coeli-, coelio-.)

COMMENT: The abdomen is divided for medi-cal purposes into nine regions: at the top, the right and left hypochondriac regions with the epigastrium between them; in the centre, the right and left lumbar regions with the umbilical between them; and at the bottom, the right and left iliac regions with the hypogastrium between them.

abdomin- /bdɒm n/prefixsame as abdom-ino- (used before vowels)

abdominal /b dɒm n(ə)l/adjectivelocated in the abdomen, or relating to the abdomen abdominal aorta /b dɒm n(ə)l e ɔ tə/noun the part of the aorta which lies between the diaphragm and the point where the aorta divides into the iliac arteries. See illustration at KIDNEY in Supplement

abdominal cavity /b dɒm n(ə)l k v ti/noun the space in the body below the chest

abdominal distension /b dɒm n(ə)l d stenʃ(ə)n/ noun a condition in which the abdo-

men is stretched because of gas or fluid abdominal pain /b dɒm n(ə)l pe n/noun

pain in the abdomen caused by indigestion or more serious disorders

abdominal viscera /b dɒm n(ə)l v sərə/plural noun the organs which are contained in the abdomen, e.g. the stomach, liver and intes-tines

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