English Phrases words starting with W and Y from page 551 to 560

Willingly, if you wish it
willowy nothingness
Wilt thou take us unto thy keeping this day
wily and observant
wily antagonist
winding pilgrimage
windowless soul
Windy speech which hits all around the mark like a drunken carpenter
winged fancies
Winged like an arrow to its mark
winking and blinking
winking stars
winning and unforced
winning plaintiveness
winsome girlhood
Winsome in appearance
Winsomely and lovingly
wisdom, judgment, understanding, and far-sightedness
wisdom, patriotism, and justice
wise and beneficent
wise dissertations
Wise in their own eyes.
Wise unto salvation.
Wiser counsels prevailed
wistful and dreamy
wistful entreaty
wit and jocularity (jocularity = given to joking)
wit, fancy, and imagination
wit, purity, energy, and simplicity
With a beautiful sense of the fitting
With a bold disregard for danger
With a certain fascination
With a constantly vigilant eye
With a feverish desire to
With a fine swinging step
With a great assumption of dignity
With a great strain of the eternal in his message
With a groan of sickening remorse
With a motherly tenderness
With a nobility all its own
With a passion for reality
With a sense of desolation
With a sort of bravado
With a special axe to grind
With a sting like a scorpion
With a surly grunt of recognition
With a swift apprehension of
With a vanquished and weary sigh
With a very exact resemblance
With absolute frankness
With admirable clarity of mind
With adroit felicity of speech
With all best wishes for a splendid New Year
With all my heart I share
With all practical speed
With all the arduous duties he has to perform
With all the complacency of a homeless cat
With all the energy of diction
With all the energy of one’s soul
With all the kindest wishes for good health and good fortune throughout the year
With all the virility taken out
With ample room
With an air of injured innocency
With an air of stolid desperation
With an angry broken roar, like billows on an unseen shore, their fury burst
With an atmosphere of finality
With best New Year wishes
With best wishes and heartiest greetings for Christmas
With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year of health and happiness
With best wishes for a year of great blessing
With close scrutiny
With consummate skill
With determined perseverance
With discriminating nicety
With drawbacks of its own
With entire certainty
With entire frankness
With feminine ease and grace
With fervent aspiration after
With few results and most of them not worth tabulating
With fine helpfulness
With folded arms
With grateful appreciation for
With great satisfaction
With hate darkling as the swift winter hail
With hearty thanks for your kind thought of me
With high expectations
With him there is little seeking after effect
With implacable purpose
With indomitable patience
With indomitable spirit
With indomitable zeal
With inexpressible longings
With inspiring cogency
With joy unspeakable and full of glory.
With joyful enthusiasm
With keen discriminating insight
With kind remembrances and all good wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year
With kind wishes for a year of the brightest prospects
With loving urgency
With many a cheering smile
With mathematical certainty
With moral fixity of purpose
With more than a languid interest
With more than common thanks I will receive it.
With most sincere congratulations
With much affection, your ,
With much love,
With music sweet as love
With my most hearty greetings and sincere good wishes for you for all the coming year
With new and increased capacities
With no inclination to blink facts
With no preconceived theories
With none of the slight faults of immaturity
With noticeable consideration
With our best respects and hoping to hear from you
With overbearing arrogance
With pedantic exactitude
With perceptible hesitation
With pleasure
With pleasure
With possibly a single exception
With possibly a single exception
With pride of singularity
With radiant face
With radiant hopes
With rare purity of motive
With red blood in his veins
With redoubled energy
With reference to your favor of yesterday
With regard to
With regard to what has been stated
With regard to your inquiry
With remarkable equanimity
With respect to what has been said
With rudimentary notions of
With ruthless hand
With singular appropriateness
With smug complacency
With some sense of the fitness of things
With soul aflame for truth and justice
With sounds like breakers
With splendid purpose in his eyes
With sterling qualities
With stoical calm
With stoical fortitude
With strength like steel
With strongly divergent opinion
With sulky acquiescence
With superb optimism
With the determination of a born fighter
With the discerning eye of faith
With the easy assurance of
With the fullest assurance that we are considering
With the greatest esteem and respect
With the inevitable grace that is French
With the intuitive perceptions of a lover
With the intuitive sense of affairs
With the kindest thoughts and the best of good wishes for a happy Christmas
With the light of another morning we would lift our hearts to thee in grateful acknowledgment of thy goodness
With the most angelic patience
With the most astonishing perverseness
With the most fastidious punctilio
With the most painstaking care
With the shadows of uncertainty hanging over us
With the splendid heroism of a man sure of life
With the suavity of conscious power
With the utmost composure
With the whisper of leaves in one’s ear
With thine own gentle hand dry the tears of sorrow
With this ideal clearly before us
With tremendous earnestness
With unalloyed satisfaction
With undiminished confidence
With undiminished love
With unerring instinct
With unfaltering lip and heart
With unflagging interest
With unflinching determination
With unremitting assiduity
With unswerving fidelity
With unswerving fidelity to each and every trust
With unwarrantable concern
With utmost gentleness
With very great pleasure
With very unpleasant consequences
With warm regards
With warmest regards,
With whatever opinions we come here
With words like honey melting from the comb
Withal decidedly handsome
withdraw into solitude
withered and wan
withering scorn
Without acrimony
Without any ulterior motives
Without any undue haste
Without blush or tremor
Without conscious appreciation of the meaning of
Without flinching
Without going into any details
Without grudge or grumbling
Without having any previous inkling of
Without my saying a word more
Without parallel
Without rhyme or reason
Without the flick of an eyelid
Without the least misgiving
Without the slightest friction
witnessing approval
Wits as sharp as gimlets (gimlet = small hand tool for boring holes)
witty expedient
wizard influence
Wizards that peep, and that mutter.
woe and lamentation
woebegone countenance
woeful weariness
Woefully mistaken
wolfish tendency
womanlike loveliness
Womanly fickleness and caprice
Women with tongues like polar needles
won by aggression
wonder and delight
wonderful affluence
Wonderful to relate
wonderful, interesting, active, and delightful
wonted activity (wonted = usual)
word of opprobrium (opprobrium = disgrace from shameful conduct)
Words and acts easily wrenched from their true significance
Words are inadequate to express my feelings
Words as fresh as spring verdure (verdure = lush greenness of flourishing vegetation)
Words as soft as rain
Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world
Words like the gossamer film of the summer
Words of worldly wisdom
Words sweet as honey from his lips distill’d
Words were flashing like brilliant birds through the boughs overhead
Words which mislead and deceive the unthinking
Words which ought to make us twinge
Words which will shock some dainty soul
Words whose ambiguity have been used to throw doubt upon
Wordsworth, thy music like a river rolls
wordy warfare
work and utility
work of supererogation (supererogation = to do more than is required)
Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others
work with zeal
Working like mad
Working whole-heartedly
works, sorrows, visions, and experiences
world of fantasy
worldly and ambitious
World-wide sympathies
worn by time
Worn to shreds by anxiety
worry, annoyance, awkwardness, and difficulty
Worse than an infidel.
worth and excellence
Worthless like the conjurer’s gold
worthless, broken, and defeated
worthy achievement
Worthy neither of respect nor honor
Worthy of all blame
Worthy of all praise
worthy of mention
Worthy of more attention than it has yet received
Worthy to receive endless praise
Would that I could persuade some who are halting between two opinions
Would there were more like
Would you apply that to everyone?
Would you be good enough to give him a message for me
Would you know what money is? Go borrow some
Would you mind telling me your opinion?
wounded avarice
Wrangle over details like a grasping pawnbroker
Wrapped in a sudden intensity of reflection
Wrapped in an inaccessible mood
Wrapped in scudding rain
Wrapt in his odorous and many-colored robe
Wrapt in inward contemplation
wrath and menace
wrathful pugnacity
wrenched by emotions
Wresting it to suit a preconceived theory
wretched and suppliant
wretched effeminacy
wretchedness, deformity, and malice
wriggling disputant
Wrinkled and scored like a dried apple
wrinkled, careworn, and pale
writhing opponent
Writhing with an intensity that burnt like a steady flame
Written in indelible characters upon his heart
Wrought of an emotion infectious and splendidly dangerous
Wrought out of intense and tragic experience
yawning space
Ye cannot serve God and Mammon
Ye must leave righteous ways behind, not to speak of unrighteous ways
yearning and eagerness
yearning tenderness
Yes and no
Yes, but that is just what I fail to comprehend
Yes, I dare say
Yes, if you will be so good
Yes, it was extraordinarily fine
Yes, that is my earnest wish
Yes, that’s undeniable
Yes? You were saying?
Yet I am convinced
Yet I am willing to admit
Yet I am willing to conclude
Yet I feel quite free to say
Yet I have never been thoroughly satisfied
Yet I suppose it is worth while
Yet I would have to think
Yet I, for one, do not hesitate to admit
Yet if you were to ask the question
Yet it is instructive and interesting
Yet it is no less true
Yet it is perfectly plain
Yet it is plain
Yet let me consider what consequences must
Yet may I not remind you
Yet will I not leave thee wholly unpunished.
Yet, strange to say,
yield to reason
Yield to urgent representations
yielding and obedience
yielding disposition
Yielding like melted snow
Yielding to a passing impulse
Yielding to a wave of pity
yoke and bondage
yoke of convention
Yonder flimsy crescent, bent like an archer’s bow above the snowy summit
You agree with me, I know
You all know the history of
You and I are always contrasting
You and I may hold that
You anticipate my wishes
You are a profound philosopher
You are a severe critic
You are all the Buddha
You are appointed the official
You are as gloomy to-night as an undertaker out of employment
You are as hard as stone
You are at a parting of the ways
You are certainly justified in complaining
You are delightfully frank
You are evidently aware that there is a growing demand
You are greatly to be envied
You are heartily welcome
You are incomprehensible
You are incorrigible
You are kind and comforting
You are looking as lovely as usual
You are most kind
You are most kind
You are not consistent
You are not serious, I hope
You are not seriously displeased with me?
You are now invited to do honor
You are quite delightful
You are quite right in your statement
You are rather puzzling to-day
You are right to remind me of that
You are to be congratulated upon the
You are unduly distressing yourself
You are very complimentary
You are very gracious
You are very kind
You are very obliging
You are very welcome.
You ask me—but I shouldn’t wonder if you knew better than I do
You astonish me greatly
You behaved with great forbearance
You can hardly be serious
You can leave it to him for being clever
You can make it tally with
You can make your own mental deductions
You can never forget
You can not assert
You can not assert that
You can not invent a series of argument
You can not say that
You cannot imagine what pleasure it gives me to
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